Foreign Travel Safety

A Compendium of World Wide Web Sites and Other Information For Travelers' Safety, Health, Security - and even a Currency Converter

  • OSHA: "Safety and Health During Foreign Travel"
  • State Department
  • State Department Travel Warnings
  • Centers for Disease Control Travel information
  • Centers for Disease Control "Yellow Book" Health Information for International Travelers
  • Office of Travel and Tourism Industries
  • Corporate Travel Safety
  • Help for World Travelers
  • IAMAT: International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers
  • Travel Advisories - National Security Institute
  • Foreign Travel Emergency Numbers - clever interactive website
  • Currency converter

  • Abstracted from a variety of information, some supplied to the Internet SAFETY LIST by Suzanne Bell, Carol Bacon, Steve Eck, and others. Thanks, gang!

    Here's a Travel Safety presentation from Martin Lev, Manager, Corporate Health and Safety, Quantum

    Why Travel Safely?
    Prevent travel barriers
    Know what to do if problems arise
    Support your company's business travel

    Travel Safety Team
    Corporate Environmental Health and Safety
    Risk Management
    Travel Services

    Information Sources
    Frequent Travelers' Questionnaire
    Internet Resources
    Government Resources
    State Department
    Customs Service
    Travel and Occupational Health Clinics
    Car Rental Agencies
    Magazines and Newspapers
    Trade Journals
    Embassies, Legations, Consulates

    Specific Areas of Concern
    Air Transportation
    Ground Transportation
    International Travel
    Health and Medical

    Pay attention to the safety demonstration
    Know location of safety equipment
    Count the number of rows to the exit
    Keep seat belt fastened at all times

    Security precautions
    Checking in
    In the room
    Leaving the hotel

    Rental Cars
    Safety Precautions
    Proir to driving
    While driving
    When parking
    Accident procedure

    What do thieves want?
    How to protect against losses

    International Travel
    Special Safety/Security Precautions
    Travel advisory information
    Currency exchange
    Every destination has its own list of concerns, customs and controls

    Medical Consultation
    Keep vaccininations up to date
    Consider personal medical needs
    Fill out personal medical profile

    Childhood Vaccines
    MMR - Measles, Mumps, Rubella
    TD - Tetanus, Diphtheria
    eIPV - Polio
    Additional: depending on specific location and duration of stay

    Water quality is a concern in areas with poor sanitation
    The following are usually safe:
    Treated water, bottled water, canned or bottled beverages, beverages made of boiled water (tea, coffee)

    Some companies are members of the International SOS Access Program
    ISOS provides emergency medical, personal and travel assistance when on business travel
    One call is all it takes

    Travel Advisory Information
    Information on specific countries can be obtained from
    State Department
    International SOS Program
    Your company's internal security

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