LOX Hazards


"There have been accidents where liquid oxygen was spilled onto asphalt which caused an explosion when a truck was driven over the spill." - http://www.qrg.nwu.edu/projects/vss/docs/Propulsion/3-why-are-cryogens-hard-to-handle.html


"One (charcoal) briquette presoaked in LOX (Liquid OXygen) is approximately equivalent to 1 stick of dynamite." -

http://ep.llnl.gov/msds/Chem120/lox-oxidation.html  (NOTE: While the quote is correct, the website is somewhat humorous.)


"Where oxygen is stored as a liquid, noncombustible surfacing shall be provided in an area extending at least 3 feet from points at ground level upon which any leakage of liquid oxygen might fall during operation of the system and filling of a storage container. Such an area under liquid delivery connections of mobile supply equipment shall be at least the full width of the vehicle and at least 8 feet in the transverse direction. For purposes of this Article, asphaltic or bitumastic paving is considered to be combustible." - Cal/OSHA, 8 CCR 5501(c) - http://www.dir.ca.gov/title8/5501.html


"Permanently installed (oxygen) containers shall be provided with substantial noncombustible supports on firm noncombustible foundations." - Cal/OSHA, 8 CCR 5503(a) - http://www.dir.ca.gov/title8/5503.html


"If liquid oxygen spills on asphalt or other surfaces contaminated with combustibles, do not walk on or roll equipment over the area of the spill." -



"Prevent liquid oxygen from contacting grease, oil, asphalt or combustibles." - Liquid Oxygen MSDS - http://www.hoopersupply.com/msds/oxygen.htm